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Uyo Bus Timetable

ABC Transport

phone +299 9747 5522

From Uyo to Bus Timetables Bus Type Price
Enugu 08:00 am 01:00 pm 4 hrs A:3200
Lagos 06:45 am 9 hrs 15 mins A:6600
Owerri 07:30 am 12:30 pm 3:30 pm 4 hrs A:1900
Port Harcourt 8:30 am 1:30 pm 4:30 A: 2500
Umahia 08.00 am 01:00 pm 1 hrs 30 mins A: 2200
Warri 7:30 am 5 hrs A:4500

AKTC transport

Departure location Destination Bus Convenience Fare
Uyo Owerri AC N1,600
Uyo Owerri Non AC N1,300
Uyo Umuahia Non AC N1350
Uyo Bayelsa AC N2500
Uyo Bayelsa Non AC N2000
Uyo Aba Small Bus N950
Uyo Aba Long Bus N900
Uyo Abakaliki Non AC N3000
Uyo Abuja Non AC N6000
Uyo Abuja AC N7500
Uyo Akure Non AC N4750
Uyo Akure AC N5050
Uyo Ariaria AC N950
Uyo Asaba Non AC N1700
Uyo Awka Non AC N1850
Uyo Awka AC N2000
Uyo Benin AC N3800
Uyo Benin Non AC N3000
Uyo Calabar AC N1400
Uyo Calabar Non AC N1000
Uyo Warri AC N4800
Uyo Warri Non AC N4000
Uyo Enugu AC N3800
Uyo Enugu Non AC N3000
Uyo Ibadan AC N7500
Uyo Ibadan Non AC N6000
Uyo Jos AC N8200
Uyo Jos Non AC N6700
Uyo Lagos AC N7500
Uyo Lagos Non AC N6000
Uyo Onitsha AC N3050
Uyo Onitsha Non AC N2750
Uyo Kaduna AC N8200
Uyo Kaduna Non AC N6700
Uyo Portharcourt AC N2100
Uyo Portharcourt Non AC N1700
Uyo Ikom Non AC N2000

Chisco Transport

From Uyo to Bus Timetables Price
Abuja 06:30am 07:30am 4:00pm 4500.00
Alafia 06:30am 07:30am 4:00pm 4500.00
Jibowu 06:30am 07:30am 4:00pm 4500.00
Mazamaza 06:30am 07:30am 4:00pm 4500.00

Cross Country

From Uyo to Bus Timetables Price
Lagos 6.45AM 4.000
Sokoto 6:30 7.500