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Port-Harcourt Bus Timetable

ABC Transport

phone 0806-378637

From Port-Harcourt to Bus Timetables Duration Price
Abuja 6:45 am 7:00am 9 hrs. 45 mins A: 8500
Awka 6:30 am 11:00 am 3 hrs A: 1800
Calabar 8:00 am 15 mins A: 2350
Enugu 6:45 am 9:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 2 hrs 30 mins A: 2200
Lagos 06:45 am 10:00 pm - A: 7000 C: 3500
Lagos Ajah 6:45 am 8 hrs. 45 mins A: 6000
Onitsha 7:30 am 5 hrs A: 1850
Owerri 10:30 amn 7 hrs A: 4250 C: 2825
Uyo 08:00 am 4 hrs A: 1750

Agofure Motors

Terminal Waterlines, Phone No :080 63 922 418
Terminal Oil Mills, Phone No :080 78 17 65 36

From Port-Harcourt to Bus Timetables
Lagos 05:30am 06:00am
Warri 05:30am 06:00am
Sapelle 05:30am 06:00am
Ughelle 05:30am 06:00am
Effurun 05:30am 06:00am

Cross Country

From Port-Harcourt to Bus Timetables Price
Bauchi 6:35 ₦6.000
Jos 6.35 AM ₦3.000
Kaduna 6:30 am ₦5.500
Kano 6:30 am ₦6.000

Chisco Group

From Port Harcourt to Timetables Price
Abuja(Utako Terminal ) 6.00Pm ₦7.500
LAGOS (Jibowu Terminal ) 6.00Pm ₦5.200
Alafia 6.00Pm ₦5.200
Magodo 6.00Pm ₦5.200
Mazamaza 6.00Pm ₦5.200

God is goodmotors


From Port Harcourt to Timetables Price
Abuja-Utako 6.20Am 6.50Am 07.30Am ₦8.250
Lagos-Ajah 6.00Am 6.45Am 7.30Am 08.15Am ₦6.792
Lagos-Volks 6.30Am 7.15Am ₦6.792
Lagos-Festac(Mazamaza) 7.00Am 07.45Am ₦6.792
Lagos-Yaba 7.10Am 7.55Am ₦6.792
Lagos-Iyana Ipaja 6.20Am 7.00Am 7.30Am ₦6.600
LAGOS-Ikotun 7.25Am ₦6.792
LAGOS-Jibowu 6.00Am 6.45Am ₦6.792
LAGOS-Oyingbo (Iddo) 6.00Am ₦6.792
Edo-Akpakpava 8.00Am ₦3.372
KADUNA-Kaduna 6.00Am ₦8.312
IMO-Orlu 6.00Am ₦1.425
PLATEAU-JOS 6.00Am ₦5.525

GUO Transport

tel.(+234) 0908-671-2710

From Port Harcourt to Timetables Price
Abuja 06.15am ₦5.850
Lagos 06.15am ₦4.950
Lagos-Ajah 06.15am ₦5.850
Lagos-Iyana-Ipaja 06.15am ₦4.950


From Port Harcourt to Timetables Price


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